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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy your products directly from your Company?

  • No, but they are available at many retailers across Canada.

Is your Company a Federally inspected meat plant?

  • Yes, our Company meets the required standards of a federally inspected plant.

What is the difference between federally and provincially inspected meat plants?

  • Provincially licensed meat plants can only sell meat within provincial borders while federally registered facilities can export meat to other provinces and countries. Federally inspected facilities make up about 95% of the meat industry and tend to be larger, are designed for higher volumes and have to meet international and inter-provincial trade requirements. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspects all federally registered meat establishments. This is done to verify that meat products are manufactured in accordance with the Meat Inspection Act and the Meat Inspection Regulations.

How do I know if a plant is federally inspected?

  • Consumer packages from a federally inspected meat plant must have their federally assigned Establishment Number on the package. This ‘legend’ is a circle with a crown in it. If the establishment number is not in the crown, then it must be stamped somewhere on the package.

What does ‘meat protein’ mean?

  • Meat is composed primarily of water, protein and fat. A piece of regular pork has about 25% protein in it. If the protein level is lower than this, then the product has added ingredients including water and spices, which is known as brining. The addition of a small quantity of brine will enhance low fat cuts so that they don’t dry out when cooked.

What is the difference between peameal bacon and Canadian bacon?

  • Both are made from pork loin and are either dry cured or brined. Canadian “back” bacon is smoked (fully cooked) and is really like ham while peameal bacon is rolled in cornmeal after it has been cured/brined. Years ago, peameal bacon was rolled in peameal, hence the original name. Peameal bacon is raw and is typically sold sliced.

What is a Frenched Pork Chop?

  • It is a bone-in loin chop that has the meat removed around the bone to provide a beautiful and tasty cut of meat.

What is a Rack of Pork?

  • Like a Frenched chop, it is a bone-in pork loin roast that has had the meat around the bone removed to produce an elegant, easy-to-carve roast. You simply slice between the bones and serve one ‘chop’ per person.

What makes your product line-up unique and special?

  • Our products are hand cut, hand rubbed and we use only the best cuts of meat and poultry.

What should I do if I need more information or I want to become a retailer for your product?

  • Email us at